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Personalized Video Assessment

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Need a quick tune-up and not able to get together with your coach for a while, send in a video for an assessment! Terry will compare your passes next to his… same speed, same rope length, no matter where you’re at with your skiing. Your video will be split-screen next to Terry’s and Terry will break it down and show you where you can improve. Slow motion, still-frame, and analytics. You’ll be able to see the difference and understand what you can be doing even better to take your skiing to a new level.

Terry will give you training direction that you wouldn’t have on your own. Train for a while focusing on those things and then do it again! Send in another video, and check your progress!  It’s a great way to get the most out of your at home training!


Upload your video to YouTube and then E-mail Terry two to four passes, be sure to include one of your easier passes and one of your hardest passes or attempts at your hardest pass.  iPhone/iPad video is recommended.  If you don’t have someone available to take good footage the Wakeye Video Camera Mount works great!

Terry will review your video, pinpoint the top two things he thinks you should focus on in your training, add himself, include verbal coaching and detailed breakdowns and return your video to you.

The value of this training tool is unparalleled!  An incredibly personalized session that you will have on record forever for future reference!

$75USD  |  Train with Terry Members – $60USD

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